Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fun!!!

Halloween seemed so much more fun this year! Ella was all into being the center of attention in her costume and roaming the neighborhood like she owned the place. Cason and I were really suprised. We went to our old 'hood and did the "Trunk or Treat" thing. It is such a great place for kids and families. She started to get pretty tired so we went home, put her to bed, and Cason (FINALLY...after being sick for the last few weeks) was able to play basketball with all the guys!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!My little witch!!!
She was mad that we disturbed her from getting candy...we are so rude!!!

Couldn't help it!!!

I thought it would be a nice little treat to get out of the house early this morning. So Ella and I made a trip to the Hollywood Park. It was tons of fun!!! I couldn't believe how gutsy she was. She had no fear. The bigger the slide the better!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Little Out of Control!!!

On Saturday we went to a friend's Halloween Party. It was tons of fun...stressful getting there, but we got there! About a half hour before leaving, I went to put on my hula costume...and of didn't fit. We quick ran to my mom's to go through some old show costumes and this is all I could fit into. A big nice wig from one of Melinda's old shows!!! DUH, I don't even know what I went as!!! I'm thinking next Halloween I'll hopefully be able to fit into a normal costume. Oh well. As for Cason, he was J.K. Edwards (he played for UNLV a few years ago). His guys always say he plays like him.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Ella is completely infatuated with her new black boots and of course her blanket. I was really trying to get a good shot with her strutting around with both. This is what I got!


If any of you are way into pumpkin friend carved his pumpkin to look like Joseph Smith! It is unreal and amazing! He is very very talented!!!
Check it out...pumkin carving!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Last night, one of my former students invited Cason and I to her birthday was to go see the Cirque du Soleil show "KA". It was incredible. These are some of the pictures I found from google that showed some of my favorite parts. I was in "AH" with my mouth open throughout the entire show! There are speakers in your chair which makes you feel like you are right on stage with them. The set and lighting are unimaginable. And of course, the costumes...loved them!!! So, I'm off my go see "KA" soap box...but If you were wondering if it would be worth it to pay and is!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ella and Books!!!

Ella has the biggest fetish for books. I love it of course...but for some reason she feels the need to pull them all off the shelf until she finds the exact one she's looking for!!! Luckily for me she's also good about helping me put them back!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Family Home Evening!!!

So for family night we decided to carve the pumpkin that we got from the pumpkin patch last family night. Ella had a lot of fun especially when it came to being able to eat the inside of the pumpkin. Cason was such a sport...he's been sick with strep all weekend and is still trying to recoop. And of course, I held the camera...but did get my hands all messy when it came to cleaning it out!
Cason starting out the pumpkin!!! "Is that edible"
Thank heaven for measure cups to help in scooping out the brains of the pumpkin!!!
The pumpkin seeds were so slippery they kept sliding out of her fingers when she'd try putting them into her mouth!!!
The finished product!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just a huge thought today while teaching!!!

I tend to get into a lot of ruts in life and seem to forget about the simple things! One of my kids in know the ones that make teaching seem harder than it really quiet all of a sudden and looked soooo sad. I've been having many thoughts that I just need to love him big time. So I kneeled down next to him and just asked him if he was o.k. He didn't move, didn't do his work, just sat there. About 5 minutes later he came up to me and said that his dad was just put in jail and he was really sad (I was totally fighting the tears as we talked). But he was glad that his grandma was around to help take care of him. So here I felt totally put in my place by this little first grader. There are so many things to be grateful for and I forget about the simple things in life that bring TRUE happiness!!! I have such a great husband, a beautiful healthy little girl, a home, supporting family, loving friends, and the perfect job that, like today, brings me such joy!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More of the Family Pics!!!

A few of you have asked to see more of the family pictures that Jen took! She is amazing!!! I love them tons and am very impressed that she was able to get the pictures she did. I don't know how were going to do them with another little one. I tried to blame all the bad pictures on Ella not behaving...but of course, most of them didn't work because of Cason or I! You'll definitely have to check out to see her work!!! Like I said...SHE'S AMAZING!!!

She was lovin' this tree!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pumpkin Fun!!!

Last night we went to the pumpkin patch on Stephanie and Sunset. I was very impressed. There was a lot of stuff for kids to do and it's FREE to get in. I think we ended up spending $20 and that included us buying a big and small pumpkin!!! There was a petting zoo, jumpers, swing rides, a train, a duck pond, and of course getting to pick out pumpkins. It was a blast. We even got home in time to finish watching the Indians beat the Yankees!!! GO TRIBE!!!


On Sunday Ella had a pretty rough day. We got to my mom and dad's, went outside and fall one. One of the dogs took Ella's feet out from under her and she slammed her forhead into the concrete. Later in their house...another dog got excited and she hit the other side of her forhead. She now has two even bumps and bruises to prove how tough she is!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Fun Night With the Fam!!!

Tonight Cason, Ella, and I had a blast!!! We went to eat at a new Mexican Restaurant, went and saw "Playhouse Disney" at the Orleans, and then of course had to get dessert at our favorite place "Luv It's"...yummmmmmmmm!!! ( I love their Scotch Jimmy). To end the night, Cason and I cleaned out our garage which actually ended up being a huge chore. How sad that it can get soooo bad soooo fast!!! It was fun! I love my little family and can't wait to have our new addition!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Sister's In Town!!!

My sister came in town today, I've been so excited. She's only here for a few days...I've been missing her like crazy. There's nothing like having your big sis around! It feels like it's been so long especially now since she's expecting her first baby. Can't wait to find out what she's having so we can start shopping!

I've finally been able to convert her to the blogging world (thanks Bri if you had a hand in that)!!!

The Beans & Bubs!!!

I had to capture this great moment between Ella (Beans) & HarLee (Bubs). I could hear HarLee groaning a little bit and couldn't see Ella so I figured she was messing with her. I think Ella was trying to tell us she was ready for bed!

My Project!!!

Since before we moved into our house, I'd been looking for the perfect bathroom set...I found it from Pottery Barn and have just been waiting for the best moment to get it. I knew I needed something to fit both girl and boy, and of course find the perfect paint to match. For me...the best project ever!!!
With Cason being out of town for the night a couple of weekends ago, I decided to start my project. I painted and through everything together. Of course I still need to add a few touches...but here's pretty much the end product! Wah Lah!!!