Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You Don't Want to Miss This!!!

This summer from June 23rd-27th, I am directing a science camp at Adams Elementary. It is such a blast it will be my 2nd year directing and 4th year being a part of it. I love it!!! Kids love it. It is from elementary ages K-5. If you register before the 31st you get $40 off. The cost is $175 with the discount. Sign up and have friends sign up. It definitely is the more the merrier. Call or email me if you have questions. I really want to get the word out about it!!! Here is the website you can sign up!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good Times!!!

Cason teaching Ella how to play basketball. Ella was laughing and smiling so hard!!!It was a very cute moment!!! During the game Ella kept yelling "shoot da ball daddy" "Yay Daddy". He had his own little cheering section!

This is how we do our shopping now!!!

Morning nap with Uncle Clay!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

What a ride!!!

Life has been so much fun with 2 kids. I love the feeling that a brand new baby brings into the home. Cason and I both feel so blessed to have our 2 angels and especially for our family and friends. We really are so blessed!!! In this month's visiting teaching message (not trying to be all preachy)...but it talks about what a treasure it is to be a mom and wife. I can honestly say it is a TREASURE!!!

With church being at 11:00 now (right during her nap) she comes home and crashes. Yesterday, I put her in her room for her nap and about an hour later she came down stairs still very tired. Cason and I both thought she went back up stairs to her bed...I guess she never made it!!!

Ella found a candy cane from Christmas! She cracked me up. She was blue all over!!! A shower was definitely needed!!! You can tell she did mind that one bit!!!

(at 3 weeks)
I feel like Bentley is such a little man! He has already grown so much!!!

Ella is such a good big sis. She found one of her old pictures and was just talking to Bentley and kept saying "Ella...baby"

Wednesday, January 2, 2008