Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Faith is knowing the sun will rise brighten each new day. Faith is knowing the Lord will hear my prayer each time I pray. Faith is like a little seed if planted it will grow. Faith is a swelling within my heart when I do right I know. Faith is knowing I lived with God before my mortal birth. Faith is knowing I can return when my life ends on earth. Faith is trust in God above and Christ who showed the way. Faith is when I feel it grow whenever I obey."

When I think of faith...I now think of Ella. Who is so little but KNOWS and TRUSTS in her Heavenly Father. I am so proud of her and her HUGE heart. We have now gone 1 week and she has NOT sucked her thumb. Because of her GREAT FAITH she asked her daddy for a blessing to help her stop and she knew that Heavenly Father would help her. I tear up thinking of how hard this was supposed to be for her and it hasn't been. She says her prayers at night thanking her Father in Heaven for helping her and for her daddy for the blessing.

For me...I need FAITH like my 3 year old!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My dad's first race!!!

On Saturday my dad his first race! He did awesome. We are so proud of him for trying this new adventure and look forward to ALL of the fun family time were going to get to spend out at the track! In his first race he took 3rd overall. In his second race...unfortunately after the first lap a car spun out and there was complete ruckus on the track. My dad got to the bottom of the track but a car still slammed into him! Everyone was o.k. but as you can see the car was not!

Anderson Dairy!

Today a group of us took a tour at Anderson Dairy! Not only is it FREE...but it is really cute...and they give ice cream at the end of it! Don't mind Bentley's cute jacket...right when we were pulling into the parking lot...he threw up all over...Thankfully my niece had a jacket he could wear. I must say...he wore it pretty MANLY!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Loads and Loads...

So my dad has started a new adventure in...RACING! I meant to get a picture of the car but spaced it. So here are my sweets inside of it. We're very excited for him and can't wait to go cheer him on in his first race this Saturday!!!

THIS MAY SEEM SKETCHY!!! It's not!!! Funny thing happened today...Bentley was eating WHOPPERS and couldn't get it into his pocket...so he decided to put it SOMEWHERE else! Ha...I've never laughed so hard!

Today was our FIRST trip to the dentist. We actually were just going for Ella, she did awesome, and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Because of this...Bentley wanted to be seen too, so they let him be seen as well. Neither had cavities and we are now going to ATTEMPT to break Ella's habit of THUMB SUCKING!!! I'm very nervous about it but Ella told the dentist that she was ready! We'll see!!!

Cason has ALWAYS cut Bentley's hair. On Friday, I thought it would be fun to take to a REAL place to get it cut. I loved it there and Bentley thought it was the coolest place ever!

Some fun at Grandma's!!!
Last week my mom let the kids make cupcakes...and they were delicious!!! Ella had WAY too much fun!

Here is going to be our new addition to the family! She is a Yorkie and is the sweetest thing ever. In these pictures she hasn't even opened her eyes yet. We are hoping to get her next week. Ella has decided to name her MILEY!!!