Thursday, August 14, 2008

"I'n Pretty!!!"

Just minutes ago...after finishing packing for our trip, I came down stairs to try to clean up the kitchen a little.
Bentley was sleeping...(poor guy. He has the flu!)

and Ella was watching a movie in her room...


If you can't tell she has my makeup all over her face "I'n Pretty"!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So going back to our family 4th of July weekend. We went camping up near Panquitch, UT. It was a blast. Cason took us to "THE SPOT" where he always went growing up with his family. It was perfect!!!
Cason started the fire the 1st day we got there using flint and steel. He never had to put one match to it (or lighter fluid) . We all got to see how outdoorsy he really is!!!

Hiking girls!!!
Yeah! That was one of the 8 fish I caught that weekend. A couple were even with marshmellows! I was so proud of myself!!!
I will try to play catch up this week for the rest of the adventures that we've been having...